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Dean, College of Agriculture, Kishangarhbas, Alwar

Dr Rakesh Sammauria is presently working as Dean, at this college since 1 April 2021, along with the responsibility of Dean (Honorary) for Agriculture and Allied Fields at Rajasthan ILD Skill University (RISU) Jaipur since 29 September 2021, another university of public sector. During more than 26 years, Dr. Sammauria had a diversified and long professional career as Researcher, Teacher, Extension worker and shouldering of various administrative positions including Head of Department, and Dean during different three times.

He joined Rajasthan Agriculture University Bikaner as Assistant Professor during 1996. He has contributed as researcher with 4 different AICRPs. As Assistant Professor he was engaged in research through Centre for Forage Management and AICRP on Forage Crops and AICRP on Arid Legumes. He joined MPUAT Udaipur during 2007 as Associate Professor (Agronomy) and he served there at DFRS Arjia Bhilwara as Senior Agronomist in AICRP on Dryland Agriculture for five years where he was engaged in developing strategies for livelihood security of rainfed farmers and improving productivity of their farming systems under climate change scenario. He became Professor through CAS during 2010. During 2012, he was selected as Professor (Agronomy) through direct recruitment and was placed at RARI Durgapura (then known as ARS Durgapura) where he led the Durgapura center of AICRP on Integrated farming systems along with the responsibility of Head of Division of Agronomy there. He developed and established ‘on station IFS model’ for small farmers under irrigated conditions and the same was also established at Raj Bhavan (Governor House) Jaipur as one of the most frontal agricultural Technologies. He was also Dean during 2013-14 at CoA Lalsot, one of the constituent college of SKRAU Bikaner and he is credited to get this college first time accredited by ICAR during his tenure. He has authored about 36 research papers, several book chapters, research and extension articles and bulletins. Besides, this he has guided 2 Ph. D and 2 M. Sc. Students as major advisor.

Dr. Rakesh Summauria





Last Updated : 03 Dec 2022