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The Directorate of Education in a bid to refine, modernize..

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Director Students' Welfare


Dr. I.M. Khan


The Directorate of Students’ Welfare was setup on 13th November 2013 as the nodal agency of Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University, Jobner(Jaipur-Rajasthan) with a challenge for initial establishment and accelerating pace of the University in this competitive world especially for the students welfare by concentrating on the following domains:

  • Strengthening of Placement Cell of the University
  • Development of online registration system module for students and linked with the University Website
  • Workshop/Training Programs for the development of communication skills, personality development and body language improvement of student
  • Establishment of English Language Laboratory
  • Collaboration with industries for internship during RAWE and strengthening experiential learning and hands on training set-up
  • MOU with promising MNC’s and organized sectors for placement
  • Start revenue generation activities through capacity building, consultancy and training to the students
  • Roadmap for NSS, NCC activities at main and other colleges
  • Start preparation for establishment of central sports complex, cultural center, moral education center, students counseling center etc.
  • Coordinating work related to national level competition, study abroad, full bright scholarship and other interaction outside world for students

Operational areas of the Directorate of Students Welfare:

  • Sri Karan Narendra College of Agriculture, Jobner
  • College of Agriculture, Lalsot (Dausa)
  • College of Agriculture, Kumher (Bharatpur)
  • College of Agriculture, Fatehpur-Shekhawati
  • Rajasthan Agricultural Research Institute, Durgapura-Jaipur
Last Updated : 04 Apr 2020