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The Directorate of Education in a bid to refine, modernize..

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Director Research



Dr. A.K. Gupa

Director Research

About Directorate

The Directorate of Research is in the process of establishment under  Sri Karan Narendra  Agriculture University at Jobner (Jaipur). The  territorial jurisdiction of this newly created agricultural university encompasses  over three agroclimatic zones out of the ten zones recognized by the Dept of Agriculture, GOR,  and comprise  about  6.4 M ha   geographical area of  the state  covering   districts of  Ajmer,  Alwar, Bharatpur, , Dausa, Dholpu ,  Jaipur  Sikar, Tonk.  At present  17  ICAR funded All India Coordinated Research  Projects ( AICRPs )  and  the  State Government  funded  long term projects  are  already  in  vogue  and  dedicated   to the  needs  of  the three zones along with several   ad-hoc  projects sponsored  by  various prestigious funding agencies . Thirteen of the 17  AICRPs  and  most  state govt. supported projects   are in operation  at  Rajasthan Agriculture Research Institute (RARI),  Durgapura, Jaipur .  This  new university is  working on widening the spectrum of  funding to support  research/developmental  activities particularly to promote the socioeconomic upliftment  of the farmers of this regional jurisdiction. The three zones cover  the cultivation of staple food crops like, wheat, barley,  bajra, mustard , chickpea, pulses , sorghum, groundnut along with specialty  crops like seed spices etc.  

The Directorate of Research will have its function  through   its three zone-wise  Agricultural  Research Stations located at  RARI (Jaipur), Fatehpur-Shekhawati (Sikar)   and Navgaon (Alwar)  and four sub-stations  located at Gonera (Kotaputali) , Diggi (Tonk), Tabiji (Ajmer) and Kumher    ( Bharatpur) . Besides the basic  mandates , the Directorate  is on its way to finalize newer  mandates in light of the State Agricultural Policy of the Dept of Agriculture, GOR and new frontier areas of R & D  in agriculture covering various aspects of Precision Agriculture, Conservation Agriculture, Secondary Agriculture and  Specialty Agriculture etc.

Last Updated : 12 Sep 2019