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The Directorate of Education in a bid to refine, modernize..

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Director Education


Dr. M.L. Jakhar

Director, Education

The Directorate of Education in a bid to refine, modernize, and strengthen the students’ teaching and learning system for enhancing their knowledge, upgrading skills and instilling confidence in them   for all round development and empowerment to face and accept the growing challenges in various facets of life so as to enable them to become competent and successful citizens in their area of stay, initially envisages three pronged activities as following:-

A. Up gradation and Improvement:

  • Strengthening the existing classroom facilities with the modern AV aids. Also establishing one smart classroom at each constituent college.

  • Strengthening the existing and starting new M.Sc. and Ph.D programmes by increasing students’ intake capacity at SKNCOA, Jobner and RARI, Durgapura.

B. Resource generation:- 

  • Through introducing internship programme for graduates and post graduates from other institutes.

  • Starting self financing programmes  on frontier areas in agriculture and

  • Commercialization of innovations and technologies through organized property rights and knowledge sharing systems.

C. Establishment of new colleges and creation of the State-of-the-Art scientific facilities in laboratories and infrastructure.

The colleges of Technology for imparting education in under graduate courses like Food technology, Dairy Technology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Energy Technology, Nano Technology and many more may add up to the existing list of constituent colleges of the university in the due course of time.

Last Updated : 12 Sep 2019