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ARSS, Kotputali

Agriculture Research Sub Station: Gonera, Kotputli


The Agriculture Research Sub Station is initiated in the year 2004 formerly it was the Krishi Vigyan Kendrea working under Rajasthan Agricultural University Bikaner and this centre is situated at prime location of the state and near by the national capital. Initially KVK was established at this place since Oct, 1989 and office was working temporarily on hire building at Kotputli. In the year 1998 when office building was construction completed, this office was shifted to at this office. The seed production programme of barley, mustard, methi, wheat etc. was also started at this place and simultaneously field demonstration on agronomy and horticulture crops was taken at farmers’ fields. Unfortunately due the policy of one KVK in one district this KVK was bound-up and Rajasthan Agricultural University Bikaner established Agriculture Research Sub Station at this centre on the Novth, 2004 and recently new KVK is also established in front of this office. Now, this centre under Sri Karan Narender Agriculture University-Jobner. The agroclimatic zone of the ARSS is III-A (Semi Arid Estern Plan). The average rainfall of the Kotputli is 541 mm. The soil of the zone are light textured sandy loam soil, the mean annual temperature between 40-430 C in the month of May and June while mean winter temperature about 10-120C during the months of December and January. The principle horticultural crops are tomato, chilii, cole crops, carrot, pea,  clusterbean, leafy vegetable, watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber ,round melon, spices crops also grown by the farmers. The mainly orchards are of aonla, pome-granate, bael, guava, lime, lehswa, karonda etc. This centre having 35 ha land along with two tube well facilitated with 24 hour city line electricity. A horticultural crops based demonstration definitely impel to the farmers in this locality  to adopt horticultural crops.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Professor (Horticulture) and Officer Incharge Agriculture Research Sub Station, Gonera- Kotputli, Dist.- Jaipur. He did his B.Sc. (Ag), M.Sc. Ag. (Hort.)  and Ph.D. in Horticulture. from SKN College of Agriculture – Jobner , He started his career as Assistant Professor (Horticulture) at KVK, Navgaon in the year 1996. He served as Assistant Professor (1996-2008), Associate Professor (2008-2012) and Professor (2012 onward). He is Officer Incharge Agriculture Research Sub Station, Gonera- Kotputli, Dist.- Jaipur from September, 2012 to July 2020 and again on this post from 20.05.2022 and continue.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav in a renowned scientist, teacher and extension worker. He published more than 15 research papers in various prestigious journals and his 2 research recommendation were included in package of practices for Zone III-A Semi Arid Eastern Plan of Rajasthan State, He published more than 90 popular articles.

He is working hard at ARSS, Gonera farm and producing more than 4500 quintals quality seed of rabi and kharif crops during his tenure and generating 20-25 lakh per annum   through seed sale.

Mobile No. 7976144702

Details of former Incharges 

S. No.

Name of Unit Head




Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta




Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav




Dr. V. S. Yadav




Dr. Surendra Singh Manohar (additional)




Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav



Aims and Objectives

Lead Function:  (a) conducted horticulture based trials

                            (b)Conducting need-oriented agricultural research
                            (c)To coordinate the Breeder seed and TFL Seed Production program
Verification Function
Testing & verification of different crop cultivars of Kharif & Rabi seasons under the dry farming situation.
Research activities including testing and verification of irrigated  Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Chickpea & Vegetables.


To plan, coordinate and monitor need-based Agricultural Research.

To develop appropriate production technology for the optional use of resources in a sustainable manner.

To coordinate and monitor the breeder seed production program.

To develop linkage with other organizations for crop-oriented research.

To extend consultancy and expertise service.


To accomplish the mandate, ARSS Gonera has identified major thrust areas as follows.

To carry out basic and strategic need-based research on major crops and vegetables

To identify suitable crop varieties, INM, and other crop management Practices for rain-fed & irrigated crops.

Testing & verification of cultivars of major crops viz. arid legumes, pearl millet & chickpea in rain-fed & wheat & Barley in irrigated conditions.

 Assessment & Development of specific technologies suitable for the zone.

To coordinate (BS & TFL) seed Production program to cater the need.






Phone no.


Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav

Professor and Officer Incharge




Dr. Parvati Deewan

Asstt. Professor (Agronomy)




Sh. Sira ram sharma

Clerk Gd-IInd




Project completed with significant out put

The project namely “Farm development of Agriculture Research Sub Station-Gonera, Kotputli” have completed at ARSS under RKVY. In this project boundary wall, poly house and nursery unit are main component and work is in progress.

  1. Name of Project:Farm Development of Agriculture Research Sub Station   Gonera, Kotputli under RKVY

  2. Name of P.I. & CO-P.I.: Dr. D.K.Yadav & Dr. Parvati Deewan

  3. Year of Sanction:2016-17

  4. Objectives:

  •  Constriction of boundary wall to protect ARSS farm from stray animals and theft: At farm 1800 M running length completed.