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Press Release

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NEWS Release for Valedictory ceremony of one-week training on basics of computer applications and internet on 10.04.2021

NEWS Release on 08.04.2021 for a new initiative

News press for MoU sign on 17.03.2021

SKNCOA NEWS Release on 03.03.2021

NEWS for Kisan Mela Last day on 26.02.2021

NEWS for Kisan Mela first day on 22.02.2021

NEWS release on 18.02.2021


NEWS release for Hon'ble VC Sir visit at COA, Lalsot Dausa on 12.02.2021

NEWS release on 11.02.2021





NEWS release on 09.02.2021




NEWS for Career development one-day training on 06.02.2021

NEWS press for Workshop On Gender Budgeting Complete on 06.02.2021

NEWS press for State Level Virtual Workshop On Gender Budgeting and Engendering Agriculture Development
 Hosted by Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, SKNCOA, Jobner on 04.02.2021


  •  NEWS Press for online Workshop on “Effective Utilization of CeRA”

 Hosted by Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, SKNCOA, Jobner on 03.02.2021

NEWS on 30.01.2021


NEWS Press on 28.01.2021

NEWS on 21.01.2021

NEWS on 17.01.2021

NEWS Release on 11.01.2021

NEWS Release for asalpur farm on 09.1.2021 

NEWS press cutting for Kvks Mobile lauch by HVC on 06.01.2020

Inspection of Dolatpur farm, a news release on 04.01.2021


NEWS in Dainik Bhashaker on 03.01.2021 

NEWS on 29.12.2020 Dainik bhaskar


NEWS Press on 27.12.2020

NEWS Press on 24.12.2020

Press Release on 19.12.2020

NEWS for  "Scope of Poultry Farming & Future Prospects" on 18.12.2020

NEWS Release on 17.12.2020.

NEWS Press for the SAC meeting news coverage at KVK Dausa on 08.12.2020 

NEWS Press for the adoption of the village on  06.11.2020

NEWS Press for completion Second batch of SABI, SKNCOA jobner. 

Press release for budding Agricultural Entrepreneurs.

NEWS Release for Milk Parlor on Oct 29, 2020.

NEWS Release for Online Training about RTTP Act-2012, Rules 2013 & GeM  Purchasing on Oct 27, 2020.

News Release on 15.10.2020 in Dainik bhaskar (Jaipur)

Press release for New Initiative at SKN Agriculture University Jobner on 11.10.2020

NEWS Press on 01.10.2020

News Release on 29.09.2020 in Rajasthan Patrika (Jaipur)

Agriculture Commissioner visit at SKN Agriculture University Jobner on 26.09.2020 

At SKNCOA Jobner laboratory initiated "MITRA FAFUND"

SKN Agriculture University NEWS press on 18.09.2020

NEWS press for Celebration Rashtrya Poshan Diwas.

Last Updated : 16 Apr 2021