Dr. R.S.Meena, Professor (Horticulture) and Dean, College of Agriculture Jhilai. He did his B.Sc. (Ag) from Dayanand College, Ajmer and M.Sc. (Ag) and Ph.D. in Horticulture from SKN Agriculture College, Jobner (RAU Bikaner).

He started his career as Assistant Professor (Horticulture) at KVK, Dholpur in the year 1996. He served as Assistant Professor (1996-2006), and Project manager(deputation) DPIP Rural Development Dholpur, Govt. of Rajasthan from 2001-2002, 2003 to 2006 at Tonk and Bara and Associate Professor (2006-2012) and Professor at RARI Durgapura (2012 onward). He served as Dean, College of Agriculture Bhusawar (Weir) Bharatpur from June, 2021.

Dr. R.S.Meena is a renowned scientist, teacher and extension worker. He develops herbal garden, protected cultivation and landscape at RARI Durgapura, he achieved many awards. He also received number of advanced trainings pertaining to his specialization and visited MATC Training Centre Israel and different Scientific assignments. He has handled 7 national & regional projects as P.I. and Co. P.I. He supervised 8 Ph.D Students as chairman and member of the advisory committee. He published nearly 50 research papers in national and international Journals, in seminars, symposium and workshops, book chapters, books, bulletins, important reports, extension publications and popular articles etc

Dr. R.S.Meena is distinguished scientist and expert, he always spare his time for farmers to advise them to adopt high technology in farming.  

Contact Details: 

Mobile No. 9414543695


Details of Former Deans:


Name of Dean




Dr. R. P. Jat



Dr. R.S.Meena17.02.2024


Objectives :-

a.    Main object is better agriculture education through UG classes.

b.   Improvement of the teacher-student ratio for better teaching-learning interaction.

c.    Establishment of national and international linkages for exposure of students and staff for better capacity building.

d.   Creating awareness for alternative land use and farm diversification to maximize farm productivity.

Running Courses

All Courses of B.Sc. (Hons) Ag.

Staff Information

Teaching staff Details




Area of Specialization


Phone No.

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Prof. R.S. Meena

Professor & Dean





Dr. Ramji Lal Meena

Asstt. Professor

Plant Pathology



Mr. Phool Chnad Bairawa

Asstt. Professor

Soil Science



Dr. Bhagwan Singh Dhaked

Asstt. Professor

(Ag. Micro-biology)

8929497403, Singh3559


Mr Rajesh

Asstt. Professor




Mr. Akash Tanwar

Asstt. Professor

Extension Education


 Non-Teaching staff Details





Phone No.


Sh. Ram Lal Meena




Sh. Ramesh Gautam

Lab. Assistant



Satyapal Singh Baloda


Farm Manager




Sunita Jajoriya





Neha Mourya

Lab Assistant

96604 27095


Sunil Kumar Verma

Lab assistant




Atma Ram Meena

Ag Supervisor


Achievements :-




Bank Account

July, 2021

Open the Bank Account of Dean, COA, Jhilai in ICICI bank-Niwai on 17.07.21 by Account No. A/c No – 679901709874.

Land Allotment

August, 2021

Land Allotment sanctioned for college by GOR, Joint Secretary/ Revenue (Group-3) deptt vide letter No.F.06(221)Revenue-3/21 dt: 16-08-21 & The Collector Tonk vide letter No.F. 12-3( )Revanue/Allotment/2021/4565 dt 02.09.2021.


August, 2021

Plantation target for current season upto 50 plants which purchased from “RAJHANS” Nursery Tonk & 5 plants plantation in premises of present college, 15 plants plantation in Govt. School, Devpura, 15 plants plantation in Govt. Sr Sec. School, Jhilai & 15 plants plantation in Rala Baba Ashram Kiwada. 

Seemagyan of Land

August, 2021

Seemagyan of college Land at Haripura Khasra No. 428/52  through committee of tehsil Niwai on 19-08-21 & Bhagwanpura Khasra No. 2846/1  through committee of tehsil Niwai on 03-09-21

Purchasing of Equipments

September, 2021

Sanction for purchase of essential items & equipments from Jila Parishad Tonk vide letter No. foRRkh; Lohd`fr la[;k o o"kZ 627/2021-22 dt: 09.09.2021 for college development proposal under MLA fund.

Inauguration Academic Session 2021-22

September, 2021

New Established College, Inaugurated of starting the education session by local MLA Sh Prashant Bairwa on 22-09-2021.

Students Admission

September & October, 2021

37 students admission has been done on 22-09-2021, 2 students admission on 14-10-2021 & 1 student admission on 25-10-2021. All 40 seat fill up for this session 2021-22.

Orientation Programme

October, 2021

Orientation Program conducted on 05 & 06-10-2021.

Land Inauguration

October, 2021

College Land inaugurated for agriculture activities by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, SKNAU, Jobner - Prof. J. S. Sandhu on 06.10.2021.

Students Visit

October, 2021

Student Visited at Polyhouse in Dhani Jugalpura, Nursery in Niwai & K. N. Modi University  on 04-10-2021.

Students Local Award

October, 2021

Awarded 5 students for participation in Jagrukata Abhiyan (Amrit Mahotsav) on 22-10-2021.

Students Visit

December, 2021

Students Visit at RARI, Durgapura on 04-12-2021.

Organized Seminar

December, 2021

Organized a Seminar on entitled “Organic Farming & Value Addition Seminar on International Tea Day” on 15/12/2021 at COA, Jhilai.

Organized Seminar

December, 2021

Organized a Seminar on entitled “Agriculture Diversification Seminar on National Farmer’s Day” on 23/12/2021 at COA, Jhilai.

Students Visit

January, 2022

Students Visit at CSWRI, Avikanagar & ARS, Diggi on 04-01-2022.

Practical Examination

January & February, 2022

Practical Examination 2021-22 of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Part Ist conducted from 27.01.2022.

Organized Covid-19 Awareness Program

January, 2022

Organized Covid-19 Awareness Program on 20.01.2022. 

Organized COVID Vaccination Camp

February, 2022

Organized COVID Vaccination Camp with Incharge Govt. Hospital Jhilai at COA Jhilai on 05-02-2022.

Theory Examination

March, 2022

Theory Examination 2021-22 of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Part Ist Sem. Ist conducted from 17.02.2022 to 14.03.2022.

Students Visit

March, 2022

Visit of Students in Agri Expo-22 (Kisaan Mela) on 30.03.2022 at SKNAU, Jobner. 

Contouring Survey

April, 2022

Contouring Surveyed on 26.04.2022 of allotted land for Land Leveling as per order of E.O./SKNAU/85/25-04-2022.

NSS Programme

May, 2022

NSS Programme conducted from 19.05.2022 to 21.05.2022 at COA, Jhilai.

Labour Tender


June, 2022

Complete work for Open Labour Tender (2022-23) of COA, Jhilai on 13.06.2022

Farm Tree Auction

June, 2022

Complete work for open auction of plants at Agri. farm of COA, Jhilai on 16.06.2022

Celebration Days

June, 2022

1.       Celebrated ‘World Milk Day’ on 01-06-2022 at COA, Jhilai. 

2.       Celebrated ‘World Environment Day’ & ‘Establishment Day of College’ on 05-06-2022 at COA, Jhilai. 

Celebrated ‘International Yoga Day’ on 21-06-2022 at COA, Jhilai. 

Celebration Day

July, 2022

Celebrated ‘National Agriculture Day’ on 01-07-2022 at COA, Jhilai.


July, 2022

Plantation on 29.07.2022 at different place of Jhilai. 

Student Election

August, 2022

Conducted student election from 22.08.2022 to 27.08.2022 at COA Jhilai with proper arrangement as well as other related management.


August, 2022

Plantation on 02.08.2022 at different place of Jhilai. 



Organized Cleaning Programme

October, 2022

Organized a ‘Cleaning Programme’ under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-2’ on 06-10-2022 at Jhilai.

Inter Class Tournament

October, 2022

Organized Inter class Tournament of different games on 14 to 18 October, 2022 at COA, Jhilai.

Organized Orientation Programme 2022-23

November, 2022

Organized a ‘Orientation Programme 2022-23’ on 04-11-2022 at Jhilai.

Organized Banking Awareness Programme

November, 2022

Organized a ‘Banking Awareness Programme as Financial Digital Literacy Programme’ with coordination BRKGB, Jhilai on 07-11-2022.

Participation in Inter Collegiate Sports & Cultural Tournament

November, 2022

B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Part-I & Part-II students participate in ‘Inter Collegiate Sports & Cultural Tournament’ on 15-18 Nov, 2022 at SKNCOA, Jobner.

Award in Inter Collegiate Sports & Cultural Tournament

November, 2022

Awarded IInd prizes to Miss Kumkum Sarawagi in Solo Dance of ‘Inter Collegiate Sports & Cultural Tournament’ students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Part-I 2022-23.

Celebration days

January, 2023

1.  Celebrated “National Bird Day” on 05-01-2023

2.  Celebrated “National Youth Day” on 12-01-2023

3.  Celebrated “International Year of Millets” on 18-01-2023”

4.    Celebrated ‘Republic Day’ on 26-01-2023

Examinations Sem. I (2022-23)

February, 2023

Theory examinations are completed of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Part-I & Part-II, Semester I, 2022-23 as per timetable given by university from 23-01-2023 to 16-02-2023 & Practical examination from 15-02-2023 to 25-02-2023.

Celebration days

February, 2023

Celebrated ‘National Science Day & IYOM-2023’ on 28-02-2023

Students Visit

March, 2023

Students Visit at RARI, Durgapura-Jaipur on 13-03-2023.


Organize CDC Programme

March, 2023

Conduct a CDC programme entitled “Career Planning & Personality Development” on 18-03-2023.

Students Visit

April 2023

Student Visited for practical at Polyhouse in Dhani Jugalpura, Nursery in Niwai, KVK-Banasthali & Dr. K. N. Modi University  on 26-04-2023.

Celebration days

April 2023

1.    ‘Shilanyas Programme of College Building’ on 05-04-2023.

2.    Celebrated of “Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti” on 14-04-2023 at COA Jhilai.

3.    Celebrated of “Awareness Programme on Millets” on 24-04-2023 at COA Jhilai.

4.       Celebrated of “World Veterinary Day” on 29-04-2023 at COA Jhilai.

Organize a Seminar

May 2023

Organized a Seminar on “Healthy Lifestyle under Environmental Protection” on 25-05-2023.

Examinations Sem. II (2022-23)

June 2023

Theory examinations of B.Sc. (Hons) Ag. is completed from 01.06.2023 to 24.06.2023 & Practical examinations is going on from 26.06.2023 to 05.07.2023 of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Part-I & Part-II, Semester II, 2022-23.

Celebration days

June 2023

1.  Celebrated of “World Milk Day” on 01-06-2023 at COA Jhilai.

2.  Celebrated of “World Cycle Day” on 03-06-2023 at COA Jhilai.

3.  Celebrated of “World Environmental & College Establishment Day” on 05-06-2023 at COA Jhilai.

4. Celebrated of “International Yoga Day” on 21-06-2023 at COA Jhilai.

Celebration days

July 2023

1.      Celebrated of “World Day for International Justice” on 17-07-2023 at COA Jhilai.

2.      Celebrated “Yuva Samwad” on 17-07-2023 at COA Jhilai.


Celebration days

August 2023

1.       Celebrated of “Independence Day” on 15-08-2023 at COA Jhilai.

2.       Celebrated “Chandryan-3 Success Day” on 24-08-2023 at COA Jhilai.

3.       Celebrated “Sports week” Under FIT India Mission from 21-08-2023 to 29-08-2023

Organised Programme

August 2023

1.       Organized “Tiranga Rally” on 14.08.2023

2.       Organized a “Plantation Programme 2023 Under Meri Mati Mera Desh Mission” on 23-08-2023 at COA Jhilai.

Celebration days

September 2023

1.       Celebrated of “Teachers Day” at COA Jhilai on 05-09-2023.

2.       Online participated in SKNAU 11th foundation day & Celebrated “Hindi Diwas” at COA Jhilai on 14-09-2023.

Organised Programme

September 2023

1.      Organized one day NSS camp at COA Jhilai on 23-09-2023.

2.     Organized a “Poster Competition on Voter Apps” at COA Jhilai on 26-09-2023.

Celebration days

October 2023

1.    Celebrated of “Mahatma Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti” at COA Jhilai on 02-10-2023.

2.    Celebrated of “World Animal Welfare Day” at COA Jhilai on 04-10-2023.

3.    Celebrated of “World Food Day” at COA Jhilai on 16-10-2023.

4.    Celebrated of “National Unity Day” at COA Jhilai on 31-10-2023.

Organised Programme

October 2023

1.   Organized a “Swachhata Hi Seva Programme” under NSS at COA Jhilai on 01-10-2023.

2.   Organized a “Amrit Kalash Yatra” under Meri Mati Mera Desh through NSS at COA Jhilai on 13-10-2023.

3.   Organized a “Orientation cum Seminar on Hi-tech Agriculture in India” at COA Jhilai on 29-10-2023.

4.   Organized ‘Inter Class Cultural & Sports Tournament’ between 16 to 21 October, 2023.

Celebration days

November 2023

Celebrated of “Janjatiy Gourav Diwas” at COA Jhilai on 23-11-2023.

Inter Collegiate Games & Cultural Activities 2023

November 2023

Participated in “Inter Collegiate Cultural & Sports Tournament” from 05 to 08-11-2023 at SKNCOA, Jobner & Won gold medal in discus throw and silver medal in shot put.

Celebration days
December 2023
Celebrated of “World Soil Day” at COA Jhilai on 05-12-2023.
Examinations Sem. I (2023-24)
December 2023
Practical examinations are completed of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Part-II & Part-III, Semester I, 2023-24 from 04-12-2023 to 14-12-2023 & Theory examinations from 19-12-2023 to 05-01-2024 as per timetable given by university.
Construction of new building of this college is going on but this college presently running in old Govt. Sec. School, Jhilai, Niwai (Tonk).