College of Dairy Science & Technology, Jobner

College of Dairy Science and Technology


Introduction: The institution was sanctioned by the Government of Rajasthan vide order No. P 1 (5)/ Ag-III/2021 dated 26.04.2021 in accordance to point no. 83 of budget declaration for the year 2021-2022, addressing the needs of the region. The College performs teaching, research and disseminates relevant findings for developing expertise and leadership to fulfill the needs of corporate, academicians and entrepreneurs  

Vision: The Vision of College of Dairy Science and Technology is to envisage and fulfill the needs of state in the field of Dairy technology education and research.


·         To excel in Education and Research and make advancement in all the fields of learning leading to welfare of milk producers. 

·         To shape the compassionate professionals in the field of dairy science and technology. 

·         To promote value addition of milk through dissemination of knowledge and skills of the stakeholders.

Location: The p campus is located at Jobner, which is 45 km by road from Jaipur. The nearest airport connecting the university is Jaipur at a distance of 60 km. The geographical location stands at 26.51'N latitude & 75.47' E longitude, the height above mean sea level being 390 m.

Climate: The climate is semi- arid. The mean maximum temperature in winters (Dec-Feb) ranges from 17°C - 32°C with mean of 25°C and the mean maximum temperature in summers ( March-May) ranges from 25°C - 46°C with mean of 35°C and mean minimum temperature in summers (March-May) ranges from 12°C - 33°C with mean of 22°C.


Dr Mahesh Datt was born on 05th September1965. He did his BSc(Hons) Ag in 1986 from Meerut University, Meerut  and MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics and PhD in Animal Breeding and Genetics from  NDRI, Karnal. He started his scientific career as Assistant Professor (Animal Production) at College of Veterinary and Animal Science (CVAS) Bikaner in 1996 where he worked as Scientist upto 30.09.2001 in Network Project(ICAR) on Embryo Transfer Technology in Rathi Breed of cow. He was the member of scientific team who received first Rathi calf with Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT) in Rajasthan. Subsequently, he worked in breed conservation project on Tharparkar at LRS, Beechwal, Bikaner from 01.10.2001 to 31.01.2003 where large number of young Tharparkar bulls were trained for semen collection. The breed conservation project was funded by CIRC, Meerut. He joined department of Livestock Production and Management, SKNCOA, Jobner on 01.02.2003 where he served upto 16.12.2022 after completing five RKVY projects as Principal Investigator(PI) and CO-PI. He established demonstration unit of Sirohi Goat and Backyard poultry unit at SKNCOA, Jobner under RKVY. He was CO-PI in Gir cow project of RKVY for four years at SKNCOA, Jobner where a herd of Gir cows was established by purchasing Gir cows from Gujarat. Looking to importance of Sirohi goat and backyard poultry project at SKNCOA, Jobner, these projects were also made operational at five KVKs of SKNAU, Jobner. He established demonstration units of Sirohi goat and backyard poultry at five KVKs of SKNAU, Jobner as CO-PI. He was Incharge of Dairy Farm, Poultry farm and Goat unit. He established one experiential unit on Sirohi goat at Livestock Production and Management, SKNCOA, Jobner. He had been Head of the department of Livestock Production and Management, SKNCOA, Jobner for two full terms. He published 04 books,02 book chapter, 35 research papers in various national journals. He published 70 popular articles in various newspapers and magazines on animal production and dairying. He guided 12 MSc students in the discipline of Livestock Production Management.  He acted as member and convener in various committees at SKNCOA, Jobner. He has been member in Board of Studies  at Rajasthan ILD Skill University, Jaipur since 2018 and acting as expert in the field of Animal production. He also acted as PG Coordinator at SKNCOA, Jobner. He also worked as Dean, College of Agriculture, Lalsot (SKNAU, Jobner).

Dr Mahesh Datt

DEAN and Faulty Chairman, CoDST


Mobile No. 9928402564

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